Safeguarding Policy

Tuam Archdiocese Safeguarding Children Parish Handbook 2018

Code of behaviour for adults

Confidential Declaration Form

SG 01 EN Application Form

SG 02 EN Declaration Form

SG 03 EN Safeguarding Agreement Form

SG 04 EN Child & Parental Guardian Joint Consent Form

SG 05 EN Accident Or Incident Report Form

SG 06 EN Hazard Risk Assessment

SG 07 EN External Groups Using Church Property Form

SG 08 EN General Complaints Form

SG 09 EN Child Protection Referral Form

SG 10 EN Character and Personal Reference Request

SG 11 EN Ministry in External Organisation

Safeguarding Children Information for Parents Castlebar Parish

Parish Safeguarding Checklist

Whistle-blowing Policy and Record

Our Parish